RE: Graham Hancock

LOL! We’re all still learning the ropes around here!

My general sense if things in this regard is that while each of us has the ability in some respects to optimize our individual positions, in the big picture, those efforts are mostly futile.

Which is to say, we can do things to acquire better deck chairs, but whether the ship sinks or floats is largely a function of things beyond our control.

Randal Carlson is something of a fellow traveler to Graham Hancock. His milieu is geology, mostly. Like Hancock, he has a certain nuttiness to him. But he also talks about how we can find clues about the past in ancient stories. That fascinates me. What if what we call “myths” are actually stories propagated through oral tradition over 100k years?

The idea of a 100k year old story evokes an almost numinoustic response in me.

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