RE: Getting The Words Right At Michigan

Yes, I saw that.  I am guessing that “picnic” sounds too much like pickaninny, which ironically is a term used by Caribbeans to refer to their own kids!  Similarly, the gorgeous “Drume Negrita” has been changed to “Cuban Lullaby.” Gag me.

I am slightly sympathetic to the censure of the term “to gyp,” which millennials don’t even use but I have used a million times myself. Pretty clearly refers to gypsy fraud, but if I were in the presence of my current guitar idol, Angelo DeBarre, a bona fide gypsy who grew up in a gypsy camp like Django R. and the miraculous child prodigy Jimmy Rosenberg, and his cousin Stochelo, I would eschew the term for fear of giving offense.

It is my serious ambition to meet Angelo DeBarre in France in 2021 and have him guide me in the purchase of my next guitar, ideally one like this.  If I get to play with him a bit, you”ll never hear about it from me, because I will drop dead in a fit of sweet agony.  I never tire of listening to this.   (Birelli Legrène, also gypsy and who is arguably even greater, plays right after this clip)


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