RE: Cooperation among competitors – The Shopping Mall Analogy

I like the idea that I can park my car out front and expect it to be there—along with paved roads and working lights to pass the car through in the morning—and I like the idea of my wife being able to go buy organic produce and oat milk for our lattes without needing two guys with plate carriers and long arms riding along.From Sidhedude

What struck me about the way you said that is it brings to mind the common retort those of us with a libertarian leaning disposition frequently receive when complaining about the government spending money on “Cowboy Poetry”, etc: “Oh yeah?!? Well how would you like living without streets or public safety, eh, bub?!?”

Pretty much a textbook Motte and Bailey argument.

Who knew that they were serious, and really meant to demonstrate what it would be like living without basic public safety.

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