RE: Bets on new LOTFW* term in office?

On the topic of Ntn’l guard, and the 25K debacle, #1, I’m told the issue is leadership being told, and in turn telling their troops, NOT to bring cots, sleep systems, etc. because all of that was to be “provided.” Which is why all the troops in the pictures just have their battle rattle and an assault pack for the most part. It’s a disgrace; search for ‘Czech embassy provides meals to guard troops in DC.’ That actually happened. #2, there’s this:

Didn’t Biden just campaign largely on Trump’s failures to contain COVID? Now Biden has his own preventable superspreader event over optics, and we’re not even a week into this Admin. 

As to BLMtifa&Co, the graffiti in both green cities clearly indicates that they’re rioting against Biden, probably because he’s now the fool on duty. Frankenstein’s monster, and all that. Just wait for the popcorn ‘n bourbon-worthy spectacle that comes when the blackbloc pokes Harris with a stick—which they absolutely will, sooner or later. Then the mask comes off, the true colors come out, and the sickle gets put aside while the hammer gets culturally appropriated to employ against the bloc.  It will be good times, mark my words.

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