RE: Bets on new LOTFW* term in office?

2 full days in. One EO has put 10,000 union members out of work. Another has pissed off feminists for effectively eliminating women’s sports. Texas has sued to stop the abandonment of immigration law passed by Congress. Trump impeachment in the Senate is scheduled for February. Chief Justice Roberts probably won’t show up because it’s like, you know, unconstitutional. Biden’s already violated his own mask mandate on Federal property on camera. Biden’s famous $15 minimum wage has been implemented- for Federal workers only. 25,000 National Guard troops are now sleeping outside in a parking garage with 2 porta johns and Texas and Florida are ordering theirs home on the next available flights. BLM and Antifa riots have resumed in Portland and Seattle. By all accounts the rioters don’t even know why they’re rioting at this point.

Yeah. This is working out real well.

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