RE: Bets on new LOTFW* term in office?

It is my earnest effort to try to perpetually be looking ten or twenty years down the road.

I try to ignore the daily comings and goings, as they are generally not all that important. EG, the sturm and drang over Trump’s wave of pardons…all earnestly expressed without, apparently, the slightest bit of awareness that being scandalized over pardons has become part of the regular theatrics of presidential transitions. 

Speaking of lack of self-awareness:

Good to know the CIA is cracking down on authoritarians and libertarians.

Back to the ten/twenty year view: I first discussed something like five years ago, when Trump first started getting some momentum, that his political success exposed a massive blind spot in our culture. I think that is still true.

The established political class spent his entire term denying what was manifestly obvious. That there are tens of millions of Americans who don’t feel well-served by the government. The reaction went beyond denial. It went all the way to, roughly, “well, fuck those people anyway. They are just racists and Nazis, so they deserve nothing”.

That culminated in Trump’s insanely foolish (IMHO) post election conduct*, which gave the political establishment the license to massively exaggerate the actual threat on 1/6, which in turn gave them license to, well, pretty much go full Nazi themselves.

[My take on 1/6 is that you had a large crowd of riled up people, and a handful of them got out of hand. There was no leadership. No coordination. No chain of command. Just a bunch of people getting caught up in the moment. It could have been easily rebuffed if anyone had really wanted to. The idea that that was ever a serious threat is just nonsense.]

Back to the point I’m trying to make: If the goal is long term stability, then the failure to admit that Trump was on to something is the exactly wrong tack. The manifest desire by government and big tech actors to silence and censor opposing views is exactly the wrong tack. All of that adds to instability. It adds to the perception of tens of millions of Americans that they are living in “occupied territory”. 


* He may be thinking further down the road than I give him credit, but I think he should have said something like “Congratulations. You stole it fair and square. Well done. And watch out for next time. Hope you like living under your own rules, because two can play that game.”

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