RE: Bets on new LOTFW* term in office?

I still have hope. Not just because hope is the only option available at this point. But rather because of the unique structure of this country in history as a federation of 50 small countries under a Federal administrative structure. The real power still rests (and is increasing) with the states and the majority of those remain in political opposition to the worst of the DC behemoth.

I think you see it in the current moves to wall off DC to protect that little spot of literal swamp from the vast expanse of citizenry out here. Major cities on the country’s periphery are collapsing while fly over land is still standing pretty comfortably. The military likely won’t march on us rubes out here because frankly, that’s where mom and dad live. And like we saw here in Virginia 14 or 15 months ago, 85+% of the land mass of the state declared itself a 2nd amendment sanctuary. The portion of the state that backs into West By God Virginia and beyond. The unarmed portion of the state backs into the Atlantic Ocean. Come and get us if you’ve got the stones. Meanwhile, we’ll be here going quietly about our business as usual.

What I learned working in DC is that you’ll be happier if you learn to ignore the media and breathe the clean air of middle America where life is still pretty damn good on the whole.

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