RE: Bets on new LOTFW* term in office?

Like most Trump supporters, I had to work yesterday so I missed most of the festivities. But my wife the Fed had the day off so I caught a couple things.

The press conference signing the 17 or so Executive Orders was priceless. An addled, senile old man mumbling unintelligently through a mask reading from Cliff Notes as he described what he was signing. Got through 3 of the pile on the desk and somebody off camera declared the event over and staffers swept across in front of the cameras and gave everyone the bum rush while Joe smiled at the camera with that glazed deer-in-the-headlights look that said, where the hell am I?

And then I saw what some of the EO’s were about.

A national mask mandate. However, only for Federal property. I think the only Federal property around here is the courthouse in Winchester. And the National parks that I haven’t visited in at least a decade.

Yeah, that’ll kick COVID’s ass.

And cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline. A move that immediately pissed off CANADA for Christ’s sake. 4 hours into your administration and you’ve managed to piss off Canada. That’s got to be a record on many levels. Can’t wait until Iran starts shooting at anything that moves and N. Korea lands a missile test in Alaskan fishing waters.

And being a former Fed with some appreciation of the myriad of rules and Trump’s rather deft handling of Obama’s laxity I just had to wonder how the hell Joe thinks he can EO his way out of executed contract obligations without the full fury of newly emboldened oil industry lawyers and others if he seriously thinks he’s empowered to stop that and the wall¬† with a pen and a phone.

And the Senate managed to confirm exactly one of Biden’s appointments between impeaching Trump for the second time, passing Biden’s stimulus shit, and the government on the verge of the next round of trying to fiscally kick the can down the road without shutting down.

So my money is on the Biden/Harris honeymoon being completely over in about 2-3 weeks and the nightmare gladly ending in 4 years.

And it’s a great time to be a Trump supporter.


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