RE: Bets on new LOTFW* term in office?

A full week in to the Biden love fest. So where do we stand?

To me the biggest thing that strikes me so far is how much the gradual liberal drift of the last 50 or 60 years is now being highlighted by the Trump interuption and Biden’s (I think doomed) over reach in Executive Ordering an instantaneous return to yesterday. One thing about EO’s is that thier success largely depends on thier innocuousness that makes them not worth the cost of challenging them. For instance, Obama’s net nuetrality Executive redefinition of the internet as a public utility as defined under a mid-90s law passed before the internet was even a thing. Which, come to think of it, might even play a role in the destruction of the .com behemoths. But point being, it stands because nobody’s got enough reason to risk a lot to try to overturn it.

But this is different. There’s a bunch of money and skin being destroyed randomly here. No way the losers are going to take that lying down.

Texas sued over Biden’s wall/immigration orders within 18 hours of the ink drying on the EO.

The Keystone pipeline was approved through something like 5 environmental reviews and a whole lot of time and energy expended under Obama and now there’s a bunch of sunk cost to recover for the oil industry who has a bunch of lawyers on retainer for just such an occasion. And even Canadians agree it was a dick move.

An organization of western states has just dropped a lawsuit over Biden’s EO that shut down oil and gas leasing citing no authority for him to do that.

And the EO to destroy women’s sports. Well, that one will be fun to watch.

Everything Trump did was challenged too, but in general it stood up pretty well. Because he actually played to the established rules. Biden doesn’t seem to think anything applies to him.

And the sort of impeachment is intent on firing up in a week and a half.

Biden/Harris looks dead in the water. Pretty much before they ever really got going.

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