RE: A Note on Membership Here

I have a few people already interested. I haven’t given them the address yet.  It might be helpful if there were some kind of mission statement or something that tells them what the site is, who we are, give them orientation, as it were.  

One person wrote me, for example, and said, “Sounds interesting. Is it a musicians forum that just veered into politics? Or is it just a forum where musicians hang out?”  

I haven’t answered yet because he’s asking essentially for a description of the group’s, or the forum’s, identity and mission.  I don’t want to put you to work designing a banner and homepage, but I think that’s probably the first thing that people (other than people who already know us personally or from some other forum) might want to see.  

For example,

Welcome to The Philosophy Forum!
Get involved in philosophical discussions about knowledge, truth, language, consciousness, science, politics, religion, logic and mathematics, art, history, and lots more. No ads, no clutter, and very little agreement — just fascinating conversations.

I think the “mission” or raison d’être as you described it in an email to might be a good place to start: a place where [we] can engage in thoughtful dialog with a select group of thoughtful people without constantly weeding through the backbiting. Another way of looking at that is I’m really not all that interested in politics. I’d like to see more philosophy/psychology/engineering/etc.


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