RE: A few random observations

Random observations:

RE: the speedbinder site, I like “call us, we’re nice…”

Re: digital music marketing: K and I came of age in the snail mail list era. 20 years ago, we used to do these quarterly postcard mailers with several month’s worth of noteworthy gigs on them, sending out as many as a thousand locally. It was expensive, but we always got crowds, because the various music lovers would put the gig calendar cards on their fridges, and actually plan a night out around them.

Now, of course, everything is email list, if at all, and more likely just a FB post.

I’ve slowly been putting together a local snail mail list again—at this point, mostly long time fans, student’s families, etc. It’ll probably be 250-300 names, so not that expensive to do as postcards, and it will by default be highly preselected for a more mature audience likely to take notice and come to the recitals, wine bar, and outdoor market gigs.  And we will be among the very few doing a tangible contact in an ocean of digital overstimulation.

Re: ammo, you’re fucked. The entire supply chain is back ordered to the level of raw materials for over a year. There has never been anything like it in recent US history.

Re: the Ruger precision, it’s a good choice. Tikka is about the only other real contender in the price range, and the 6.5CM is the current hotness. My Marine sniper and hunting mentor likes the 140 match rounds. He’s taken Elk and Black bear at insane ranges with the little creed, to say nothing of deer. He keeps browbeating me to get a 24” Tikka.

Oh, and black rifles are racist.

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