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At the invitation of our moderator, I will share the identity of my Avatar.

This is my Great Grandfather Richard Erastus “Ras” Egan. He was a pony express rider generally riding from Salt Lake City west and back. Ras and other riders describe rides through territory inhabited by hostile Native Americans.  He would watch the ears of his horse looking for signs of danger.  The pony express stations were 15 to 20 miles apart and the riders would exchange horses at the stations and then continue on their route. At times these stations would be attacked by Native Americans, including being burned to the ground. The riders would have to ride two legs to get a fresh horse if they encountered a station that had been attacked.

His father was Major Howard Egan.  Howard entered the Salt Lake valley in the first group of pioneers with Brigham Young.  His diary provides an important historical source record for this trek. He subsequently established many of the routes west that included Pony Express routes, stage coach routes, and other routes used for (non E) commerce. Howard was superintendent of the Pony Express route between Salt Lake City and Roberts Creek, NV.

Both lived in Florence, NE, then known as Winter Quarters during the winter of 1847.

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So are you from Salt Lake? I am. My father’s family (at least apocryphally) was one of the first two non-Morman families into the Valley.

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Yes – I’m a native Utahn.

You’re still here? or relocated?

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My family moved to Dearborn, MI for Dad’s work in 1967. And then I moved out here to Winchester, VA in 1998. Still have family on my mother’s side out in Salt Lake.

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