Something you can do, right now, that will make a difference.

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I posted a link in the “Woke Religion” thread to Bari Weiss’ latest column. 

Here it is again:

Paul Rossi is a teacher at Grace Church High School in Manhattan. Bari Weiss shared a letter from him on her Substack column that everyone should read. Mr. Rossi is showing tremendous strength of character standing up to the wokemob.

I ask you this: Please take a moment, put pen to paper, and send a note to Mr Rossi, thanking him for his bravery. I can think of no better action that we can take, today, than ensuring that over the coming week, the offices at Grace Church High School are flooded with thousands of supportive letters from citizens all across the country.

Mr. Rossi has put his career on the line for the truth. The least we can do is offer a word of encouragement.

Mr. Paul Rossi
Grace Church High School
46 Cooper Square
New York, NY 10003

If you know someone who may be inclined to participate, please share this with him as well.

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