Rational Election Laws

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Good stuff from the Honest Elections Project (PDF Link here):


A. Ban “ballot trafficking” (also known as “ballot harvesting”) by third parties. No one other than a voter’s caregiver, an immediate family member, or fellow household resident should be permitted to handle his or her ballot.

B. Prohibit all forms of compensation for ballot collection.

C. Individuals should be permitted to “assist” no more than three voters with filling out or casting a ballot in a given election.

D. Each absentee ballot should be signed by a witness, and there should be reasonable limits on the number of ballots an individual may witness.

E. Candidates for public office should be barred from collecting, returning, or assisting with the completion of absentee ballots.

F. Each absentee vote must have a clear and auditable chain of custody, including the identities of anyone who assists a voter in completing or returning a ballot.

G. Drop boxes should be subject to clear and uniform rules that govern deployment, that mandate adequate security (e.g., through security cameras viewable by the public), require placement inside a government building, and that limit drop-box availability to regular business hours.

H. Secrecy envelopes including a signature and date should be required for all absentee ballots.From John Smith

Too much of this discussion gets pre-empted by the “you’re just trying to suppress the vote!!” stuff, which inevitably (and by design) goads people into getting stuck saying “but I’m not racist!”

All that is calculated misdirection. 

I like this list because each item is clear, simple, and almost impossible to argue with.


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0 on March 12, 2021

Looks interesting. I have a problem with parts of A and D, but there’s nothing to be done about it without being tarred as an elitist racist homophobe, so … sigh.

I wonder if the ancient Greeks could take their Alzheimer’s-ridden grandmothers to the forum and “help” them vote.  

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0 on March 13, 2021

I just can’t figure out why anything needed to change from what I’ve always done. Go to the school or church after work, stand in line, show your license, take your ballot to the machine, punch in your choices, hand it to the volunteer, and get a sticker. Simple. What’s so hard about that?

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