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Before I got booted I was sharing the progress on my “band”, Pieces of Malarkey. The last couple of months have been one distraction after another and frankly, enormous frustration in trying to focus on a direction to go from here. Essentially, Larry Carlton is just too damn good to be able to channel effectively for a geezer like me.

So after some soul searching, I’ve shifted the focus a bit. Instead of cutting edge fusion or any of that stuff I’m retreating and retooling around more generic popular “smooth jazz”. Basically jazz as I’ve always enjoyed it in a group setting but with a more generic R&B oriented “bubble” feel and without the signature heroics that fascinates me, but doesn’t really do anything to help me out.

The way I see it, this will allow me to keep moving forward by simply applying resources I have already (i.e.- fakebooks, etc.) which reduce the learning curve and still keep what I’m trying to do distinct in the market around here. Which is the ultimate goal. Bring it out of the basement and run it in public.

Still using the magnanimous support of free big tech (Youtube and Facebook) to pilot the project. The goal, which I have to maintain to have any motivation, is to bring it out of the basement “busking” in the local public spaces this summer and attract maybe some modicum of interest in the local community to be able to populate a real trio that could play wineries and restaurants and festivals in between the sonic space of blues/rock bands and pre-1965 big bands.

The approach remains the same. 12 slots in the memory card of the trio pedal and this tune marks a 1/4 full. It’s an old Jose Feliciano tune (see how I did that? Not going to mention the monster that made it famous) that plays to easy adaptation. Relatively straight forward changes and rhythms with some interesting tonal center wanderings and an instantly recognizable melody, for anyone older than 30 anyways. Straight, modern, jazz jam gold.



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