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1 on December 27, 2020

Saw this article while surfing tonight. Few people realize (Jeff would be an exception having visited me at work down near the Navy Yard with his lovely family) that I was directly working with this nonsense back when I worked as a lobbyist and then as a Fed regulator 10+ years ago in the District swamp. Cap and Trade was the primary regulatory framework being proposed to cut CO2 emissions and save us all from dreaded climate change. California has always been the leader in nutjob regulatory chaos peddling, but this was also tried at a Federal level (Liebermann Warner in roughly 2008) where it suceeded in scaring most everyone into bailing on the concept.

So apparently now even the enviros are getting teed off at Cap ad Trade. I could have (and did) tell them that.


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0 on December 27, 2020

That’s hilarious.

Critical Social Justice, and the “deconstruction” it requires, is entirely unconstrained. Nothing is safe. No time, no space, no ideology can protect you.

Western liberals foolishly embraced CSJ because the thought it would be useful to deconstruct Western Civilization. And they were correct.

What they didn’t consider is that liberalism itself is part of Western Civilization. They’ve been riding a tiger, and are now shocked to realize that the tiger is hungry.

That environmentalism finds itself on the wrong side of “BIPOC and LGBTQanon hardest hit” is no surprise. It was always inevitable.

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