Bill Maher Scores!

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He’s been coming on strong of late.

The last few years have been revealing.

You have two categories of “left”: Those who have slid automatically into CRT, revealing themselves to have never been intellectually serious, and the Maher types.

Here’s a great story that kind of fits in here:

Short version: Some woman got denied in her effort to join “Arts Omaha”. (No. I’d never heard of it either.) So she posts an online screed accusing them of “racism” and “white supremacy”.

Of course, she offers no evidence of either. Her only “evidence” is that she was denied. And since she’s black: “RACISM!!!”

And of course, the Arts Omaha people folded like a house of cards. Because that’s what the sort of people who belong to organizations called “Arts Omaha” do when accused of racism.

To save you the trouble, I posted a comment on the article, which I’ll repeat here:

From the post referenced in the article: “I believe that the requirement was raised to $2 million to hide the fact that its members were discriminating against myself and the organization I founded”

“Believe”? Based on what?

I read the whole thing. I didn’t see any /evidence/ of racism.

Unless, of course, one accepts the premise that the only explanation for unequal representation, as measured by race, in any context, is racism.

I offer no defense of the Arts Omaha organization. Don’t know the first thing about them. For all I know they really are a bunch of flaming racists, who use their “wine and cheese” parties as an opportunity to don their hoods and talk about how great they are in their whiteness.

But I kind of doubt that. It’s a bit of a stereotype, but people who participate in arts organizations tend to be firmly on the “progressive” side of things. I’d bet money that less than 10% (really, probably 0%) of the Arts Omaha members voted for Trump. Let’s not kid ourselves. When you think “wine and cheese parties talking about art”, do you think “Trump voter”? I didn’t think so.

Ultimately, this is all perfectly amusing. Progressives on all sides, using the intellectual dead-end that is Critical Race Theory, to tear each other apart. You couldn’t invent a better example of how the “think of people as avatars of their race and not as individuals” thinking inherent in CRT will inevitably lead to societal ruination.From John Smith

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