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I’m convinced that today, if you want to know what’s really going on, you’re single best source is a carefully curated assortment of Substacks.

The good ones are demanding reads, at least compared to a newspaper story, since they use actual data/charts/science.

Here’s a few I follow. (I’m a paid subscriber for this one.) (Also a paid subscriber.) (This is the resurrection of Scott Alexander’s “Slate Star Codex” blog, of “Chinese Robber Fallacy” fame) (Glenn Greenwald’s stack. Some of the best “counter-narrative” journalism out there. Glenn does yeoman’s work exposing that which needs to be exposed.) (Anon guy from Germany. Mostly Covid related.) (This comes from Alexandros Marinos, who’s been distinguishing himself as one of the moment’s most effective heterodox sense-makers. He hasn’t written much on the Stack, but I’m hoping for more.)

I’ve got a bunch more, but that’s a start.

Anyone else got some recommendations?



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0 on January 9, 2022

I don’t have much time these days to do any heavy reading. Now that I’m unemployed, I’m working more than ever. And I’m at the age with a varied enough life that I can smell bullshit pretty quick. My wife is a big Fox News too so I get enough Alex Berenson and Glenn Greenwald to grasp a lot of what they have to say without really investing a bunch of time.

By virtue of a life that’s been heavily invested in the mechanics of government and the results thereof, politics is kind of a hobby. I’m also a big Victor Davis Hanson fan and he posts a lot longer form commentary at along with some really pretty good stuff from other professional commentators.

And finally, I’m a big fan of which consists of a daily compilation of a bunch of posts by a lot of interesting amateurs, Some favorites are John Green who’s an engineer retired to I think Wyoming and TR Clancy who is a DOJ Fed (shhh!) who lives in my hometown. I’ve corresponded with both by email and they’re nice guys. I myself have been working on a post that I believe will be published soon. I’ve been working with one of their editors to get it to proper spec. If you want to watch for it, you’ll recognize the pseudonym immediately. But of course when that happens I’ll also let you know.

Now off to finish gutting the carpet in our basement so I can then install tile.

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