RE: Writing for magazines…

That is a great story.

Calls to mind my bankruptcy in 2011/2012. Talk about existing in an alternative financial universe. My 335 was officially declared to have a value of about $200 if I recall, roughly the value of it in raw 2 x 4’s from home depot. All of the musical equipment we had at that point was similarly valued to keep our allotted “keep” under the $10,000 legal cap (yeah, still got all that shit in my basement). Wife and I both became professional musicians for the first time in our lives to stay under the income cap required for Chapter 7 (full liquidation) and the only income reported was when the winery required sending us a 1099. Roughly a random sample of a quarter of the 2 or 3 gigs a week that we were actually doing. And basically, we couldn’t take any savings with us. I distinctly remember playing that one right to the bone, couldn’t buy my wife and son a crappy mall noodle dinner the evening before my first post-bankruptcy paycheck hit at midnight that night. Dead f’ing broke.

Yeah, the shit we’ll do to survive in a pinch. 

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