RE: Woke Religion

The part that astounds me most in this current wave of madness is that so many seem to just accept as natural that the rational response to woke heresy is termination.

Don’t agree to profess the faith? You’re fired. Period. Full stop. You are adjudicated unfit to participate in society.

How did that ever become accepted as either normal or acceptable?

Another ray of light peeking through is found in the example of Jodi Shaw. Bari Weiss’ Substack post sums it up well.

Shaw is not a high-level person. She had a fairly low level job at Smith College. That’s one of the weaknesses of woke. They are past the point where they are going after high profile, celebrity types. They are destroying lives of regular people.

Hard to see how that plays well.

As of this writing, Shaw’s GoFundMe has exceeded $200k. That’s awesome. One way of beating this is to support those who are being ruined. If it becomes clear that there is community support for standing up to this bullying, more will find the courage to do so.

But it is also the case that GoFundMe has put a hold on the funds. With typical BigTech opacity, they aren’t saying why. It may be that the rapid accumulation of such a large sum triggered some (ideologically neutral) fraud prevention algorithm. It may also be the case that GoFundMe is exercising ideological control, and has chosen to screw over Shaw because of her heretical views. There’s no telling.

Christopher Rufo and James Lindsey (of “conceptual penis” fame) are two of the more effective soldiers fighting on this front. Lindsey is the deeper thinker, but Rufo is the better communicator.



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