RE: The Utility Of The Lie

A career spent between engineering and politics has taught me that humans are chronically innumerate and simply can’t innately understand numbers and therefore simply can’t inherently conceive of odds. That makes big numbers a primary tool of political manipulation. To hear NHTSA talk about highway deaths, you’d think the street in front of your house would be constantly paved with mangled bodies. But the truth is, relatively few people you meet have ever personnally known anyone who has died in a car wreck. And when they do, a lot of times it’s a cousin like my wife’s who purportedly drove off a mountain in the ’70s.

Today’s political life has teamed up with inherent innumeracy to push lockdowns for a plague whose deadliness will likely be proven by history to be grossly and intentionally overinflated. And government budgets that are frighteningly and openly huge. And “protests” that are innocuously deadly. This kind of nonsense is only notable because apparently someone has discovered what’s always been hiding in plain sight.

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