RE: The State of The Economic Recovery From Ground Level

Today’s entry from the “I Shit You Not” files here in the most fascinating place to live in the world right now:

  1.  Local news piece from yesterday talking about $7 gas in Richmond.
  2. The pipeline company paid $5 million ransom to get the pipeline started again. Yeah, that’ll teach ’em to not try that again.
  3. The Loudoun county (richest county in the country, just over the Blue Ridge) featured a televised parent reading session of the new softcore porn required reading for middle schoolers. Then the school board purportedly voted to extend the program to even younger kids.
  4. My 20 minute drive to work featured no less than 3 hiring events on the radio.
  5. I got in to work and everyone on my side of the building was asking me why I’m still wearing a mask. I had to explain that I don’t intend to get vaccinated so according to the CDC, I still have to wear a mask while they don’t. Fortunately, HR has already been advised by legal counsel that they can’t make me get vaccinated. Haven’t been out to the floor yet, but should be an interesting day at the office.
  6. Some medical folks sued in a low court to force aftermarket car parts manufacturers to stop tampering with emissions systems and follow EPA regulations. It’s quite complicated and may not survive on appeal, but a year and a half ago we told you to go pound sand on your gun restrictions. Now you’re going to cancel redneck’s NASCAR. Dude, you really ought to stop while you’re ahead.

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