RE: The State of The Economic Recovery From Ground Level

Regarding the pipeline stuff, I’m astonished at the brazenness of the Biden admin response. Their posture was largely “this is a private business and a private matter”.


I say the attack was an act of war. Were the “bad guys” a state actor? Maybe. Maybe not. It makes no difference. What took place was, in substance, no different than if the pipeline had been bombed.

And the US Federal response to the pipeline is to shrug tell Colonial “sorry, my Dude, that’s a you problem”.

Snowden etal have done great work exposing the vast US cyber spying apparatus. We’ve spent countless billions supposedly building the most sophisticated cyber capabilities in the world.

So where is it? Where is this vast capability we’ve built? Why can’t the NSA (and all the other letter agencies) identify the precise location of the bad guys and send a cruise missile up their ass? Why didn’t they stop this proactively? Why weren’t they able to pull the required encryption keys out of their servers and provide them to Colonial?

Instead, Federal cyber officials are busy combing through data hacked from Gab looking for “white supremacist” Americans to put in jail.

I’m reminded of a quote from Trump: “They’re not coming after me. They’re coming after you. I’m just in the way.”

Hyperbole? Perhaps. But the manifest refusal of the Biden administration to protect Colonial from “all enemies, foreign and domestic” gives one pause.

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