RE: Texas Power Situation

Instead, we pass vague laws with no consideration of the costs, then let regulators whittle away.

I’ll let Peter take it from here… From Fauxmaha

I thought of rehashing my career again for this but then yesterday a guy I admire wrote an interesting piece that kind of gives the foundation for it all. Full disclosure- I’ve corresponded with this guy previously and we’ve talked about EPA v. Massachusetts. He’s indicated he’ll eventually get around to doing a piece on that, too.

Anyways, here’s an exposition of the hinge point:

That’s the start of how we got here. And I’ve got plenty of war stories and scars from trying in vain to fight it.

The shit part is that innocent people are suffering and nothing infuriates me more. The good part is now you can see what the obscure details look like in real time.

Hubris, it’s what’s for breakfast.

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