RE: Texas Power Situation

It’s all pretty stupid….

Thing about coal and nuclear is that they have fuel on site. In the case of nuclear, lots of fuel. At least a year’s worth. In the case of coal, at least a month’s worth. Probably more….

Solar and wind? We’re seeing a perfectly clear example today of why that’s a dumb idea. At least it’s dumb to rely on it. If you want to use it under ideal conditions to displace generation from coal plants, have at it. But that is very different .

From Fauxmaha

I am told that—regarding Texas’ electrical generating capacity—a quick search will produce record of the Federal EPA orders (Hi Peter!) that required TX to shut down its lignite coal-fired generating plants. Moreover, TX reportedly has an over 200-year supply of relatively low-sulfur coal. Their plants could burn locally-mined coal, and use particulate scrubbers to remove the ash particles. The exhaust evidently never left the boundaries of the state in any measurable quantity, but that didn’t stop the EPA from ordering their shutdown. They had a lot of generating capacity, up to that point.

I’m also told that many flights are delayed and grounded—which will have an insane second order effect across the country. They could have handled things better, but my sense is that they had help from the Gov’t that was “there to help.”  I’ve also heard that wind is compromised by frozen turbines. Good times, good times.


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