RE: So, Sidhedude, what are you hearing

Are you talking about the political zeitgeist? I’m not really getting anything from any of my friends in LE or .mil. Pretty much radio silence. I suspect that everyone is waiting to see what we will see. I also think a lot hinges on the Georgia runoffs, and the fallout from the final Senate tally. 
close to home, we just this week had a guy show up with oil and gas in the middle of the day to burn down the local dem headquarters, a task at which he gave the old college try, to the tune of 10s of ks in damages, after scaring the occupants out. Wasn’t any friend of mine, though. 😀

Right now, the LE guys are more worried about the current push to defund and “reimagine” policing, and the flight of city cops to rural areas or private gigs. You may have seen that carjackings are up 527 percent in MNPLS this month over last year, and there are similar under currents in several other riotous cities. Of note, the real scuttlebutt isn’t just the local bad boy citizenry taking advantage of the new rules, rather, there is a lot of interest in the Jalisco New Generation cartel (easy to look up) who are evidently taking advantage of the current climate to expand their activities and influence into CA, OR, WA, MN, etc., in addition to the fun they’ve been having in AZ for some time now.

But the closest I’ve seen to any discussion of any sort of impending unrest was a random text I got from an LE/training buddy out of the blue last month with a link to some sort of portable shortwave radio on Amazon, with the comment that “Mrs Sidhe and I should grab one of these…”


I’ll wait until I see a report of “technicals”* in a US city, before I get too concerned. Or the runoff results, whichever comes first. 




I’m not sure if that’s what you were asking, but since the only sources I have are ex-SOF/contractors with bad knees, and guitar jocks, I’m just gonna fly with my naivete  on an answer. 😉

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