RE: So, Sidhedude, what are you hearing

Lots of interesting stuff inside of that Vice article.

This might constitute dead horse beating on my part, but as I read through it, with all the references to Ireland and Italy, I couldn’t help but go back to a collection of thoughts I’ve had for some time. 

Namely, the US is very unlike any other country. Compared to I&I, we are 1) Vast (spread out across a continent) 2) Huge (something like 50x the population of Ireland and 5x the population of Italy) 3) Distinctly non-homogeneous with respect to race/religion/culture/background/etc.

I’ve long thought that there are hidden social inflection points associated with scale.

On the general point – “The US is already in a civil war” – I guess with some flexibility of definition, that has to be deemed “true”. 

I hold out hope that at some point in the escalation, the pointlessness of all this will become manifest. We don’t need a civil war. We need a divorce.

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