RE: Sid, I want a Romantic era guitar

There is a decent selection of early romantic guitars on reverb right now. One thing about the vintage exemplars, setting aside any possible issues with playability or intonation that might have evolved over the last +/-150 years: the scale and nut widths can be impossibly small by today’s standards.  I had a Tiefenbrunner from 1843 that was a compelling look at a world long gone, but the 596 scale and, especially, the 44mm nut width just didn’t work for me for a lot of contrapuntal music. The guy who built my modern reproductions is fond of pointing out that people are roughly 10 percent larger today than when those guitars were built. 🙂

45mm is about 1 3/4” and I’d want at least that much width. As well, the gut strings of the day were thinner—nylon strings will take up a lot more room on the board. That’s a big part of why, say, 48mm is considered “wide” for a fingerstyle steel-string, but “narrow” for a CG.

And, with all that said, these caught my eye, and some of them even have video…

Keep in mind that I do favor the “Viennese” guitar builds over the Italian and French schools, all things being equal.

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