RE: Show Us Your Guitar

Great! I’ll need something easy to set up when I get banned from here and need to set up my own site, LOL.

I just remembered that I actually did get banned from a chatroom one time. It was a phone sex workers’ chatroom out of the Netherlands. No lie. It was real professional and all, earnest, serious discussion on how much to charge, what to do if a guy asks for “just a few more seconds,” tax issues, that kind of thing. Zero vulgarity. No photos (And I checked.) Plumbers’ forums are more risqué than this place was.

They finally kicked me out for joking around too much. Sheesh. Kinda hurt my feelings. But I recovered.

Don’t ask how I found the site. I really don’t remember and, whatever the answer to that is, it’s bound to be embarrassing. 😐

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