RE: Pelosi home in San Francisco

I suppose I should clarify the last remark.

I really don’t know much about Jeff Bezos (although I’m guessing he’s similarly part of the organized crime syndicate that’s legally built on taking advantage of the largess of our Federal system that is now out of control) but I do know the Elon Musk game being in the auto industry for as long as I have been.

Tesla and it’s technology isn’t new (Ford was offering to lease us employees electric Rangers when I worked there in ’95 or thereabouts). It isn’t a breakout technology. There’s entirely reasonable doubt that the inherent limits of batteries have made further progress impossible in the race against good old fossil fuels. There’s no visionary revolution (hell, it’s taken them 15 years or so to reach maybe a 1% market share) in electric cars.

What there is are bags of Federal money for the taking to subsidize “the next great thing” that never seems to come to fruition. And Musk has mastered that game. Face it, on no practical level is a Tesla competitive with my V8 F150. And as long as gas stays around $2, there won’t be. Yeah, “but Norway!”. Great. A gallon of gas there is mandated by government at something like $8 a gallon. If that’s your idea of cutting edge technology development, knock yourself out. But not me. I’m quite familiar with the Trabant. And you can keep it.

So I reject any thinking coming from the self preservation instincts of our Federal government and its lackey’s.

We’re at about $20 trillion in GDP. In March our national debt was 85% of that. Clearly in PIIGS territory. Trump’s a politician so admittedly he hasn’t been great with staunching the bleeding. But so far he’s the only guy who’s even thought about breaking the syndicate’s hold on America.

I’ll take his vision any day of the week.

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