RE: Omaha World Herald Editorial on Capitol Rioting

Not so fast, Chief. I was out at the land grant, teaching all day. I finally got a chance to log on to the ‘net again tonight around 8pst, and I had a ton of messages in my inbox. Looks like several firearms sites all got deplatformed at once; Arf-com (nicknamed barf com), sniper’s hide, et al.  All kicked off of their hosting service (godaddy) at once for “violating terms of service”.  News to me, since I’m not a member at any of those sites.

A number of people who didn’t already have the info asking me if I had signal; asking if I had a separate proton mail account, etc. The people in my inbox are not all total whackos. They range from school teachers, to cops, to Marines, to luthiers, to tech workers, to MD-PhD students.

If it’s one site, it’s just one site. If it’s a bunch of firearms/training-centric sites (which trend conservative, though open) then it’s something else.  I guess I’ll see what all this looks like in 48 hours, it’s still way too early to tell what’s actually up, and I’m not inside the type of sites being blacklisted.

The godaddy thing is confirmed though. They definitely deplatformed clients over gun content.





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