RE: Omaha emergency services part of Nashville AT&T disruption.

No way to tell at this point. A test (“probing” in parlance) is one guess; disrupting comms for something else is another; classic “troubles” ‘nobody died, but they could next time’ stuff is yet another theory.  I’d surmise that 48 hours will bring a little more clarity. There is a photo of a guy who was driving the RV earlier already making the rounds—looks like a generic late early 30s dude. Nothing noteworthy.  Unless the guy gets ID’d as someone unusual, have to assume that there was logistical help on this. 

I’ve heard from a guy who has C-IED experience both OCONUS and at the policy level, that if this traces to an organized group, we probably won’t hear about it. I wouldn’t know about that, myself.

He did say that there is so much evidence at the site that it would be easier to get away with a bank robbery in broad daylight in London than this sort of bombing. He’s pretty sure the perpetrators will get caught, and I believe him. The guy who almost blew K and I up was matched in part to purchases at a hardware store in northern Washington, based on bomb component forensics.

Anyways, there’s still 6 days left in 2020. We will see what we see.

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