RE: My probably unworkable idea for stopping HAMAS rockets

The whole Israel/Hamas/Palestine/etc situation vexes me. Random thoughts of no particular value and in no particular order might be:

  • I don’t have much of an opinion about any of it, and I think it is fairly absurd that things are such that my opinion would matter anyway.
  • Aid to Israel is probably best thought of as corporate welfare for the usual cadre of American defense contractors.
  • I heard on the radio coming into the shop this morning that Putin is injecting Russia into the mix. That’s just what the world needs.
  • Israel’s advocates like to say “If Hamas put away their weapons tomorrow, there would be peace. If Israel put away their weapons tomorrow, it would quickly cease to exist.” I find that persuasive.
  • This shit has been going on, literally, for as long as I can remember. Makes me think that there are lots of interests out there that have an interest in ongoing conflict. I suspect the US government is among them.
  • I don’t think it’s coincidence that things were generally going well during the Trump admin, and have gone to shit during Biden’s.
  • Any “analysis” to the effect of “your great, great, great grandfather fucked over my great, great, great grandfather, therefore I am going to impose this or that bad thing on you” is inherently broken and immoral. There is no limit to the list of historical injustices we could find that need correcting if we decide to go into the “Historic Injustice Correcting Business”.
  • The IDF are some seriously badass guys. Did you see the story the other day where they leaked a false communication saying they were planning a ground attack, waited for Hamas soldiers to gather in their tunnels to mount a counter strike, then bombed the tunnels? Stone cold, right there.
  • My default position is that Washington DC is stupid, and any time you find yourself thinking “If only I could get Washington DC to do this or that”, you’ve already lost the game. 

I could probably go on with this all day, but that’s enough.


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