RE: My great grand uncle

Finally got a chance to read the book last night. 

It was reasonably interesting. I can’t say I’m a fan of the approach the author took. The root of the issue is writing this as a non-fiction book, and there really isn’t that much historical record on Cy Warmoth. So Gawthorp ended up including a lot of semi-generic baseball history from the relevant times and places, then wove that into the Cy Warmoth story.

Made me think the really interesting way to do this is to write it as a work of fiction, and take some liberties filling in the blanks. Could have worked up a very cool story that way.

One detail that was extra special to me is it turns out that Cy Warmoth spent the last couple of years of his minor league career right here in Omaha. The stadium they played at is long gone, but I did find this pic on the net.

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