RE: Lottery question for Rob

I thought some more about this “what would you do?” question, and I suppose I would buy an existing company, like a seed company or a nursery, and work with the city on some beautification projects. I’d give lots of jobs to people and set up a cafe in the place.  Then someone would get food poisoning and sue me.

Give $50 million each to my kids?  Is that really a good idea?  Bill Gates is not leaving his fortune to his kids, or so he says.  One of the big NY financiers who name I don’t recall grew up rich in NYC. When he graduated high school — Carl Icahn, that’s the guy — he got admitted to Columbia and told his dad, who replied, “So?” He was expecting all the tuition money and some walking around money from his father. Sounds like the dad cutting the cord was the best thing that could have happened.  

In terms of what I’d want for myself, I guess a new Lexus.  I’d like a nice pickup truck too, but we only have a 2-car garage, and I wouldn’t want to park it on the street.  I guess I could buy a second house and park the pickup there.  But you see what happens?  All the stuff you buy ends up owning you, because you have to take care of it, insure it, service it, worry about it ….

Then I’d need someone to clean and maintain the second house …. I honestly don’t see how giving me $500 million would change anything for the better.  I already eat and drink whatever I want.   We love our neighborhood, except for the dang leaf blower noise, which there is no escaping.  Buy a bigger house?  For what?  My wife ain’t leaving this one.  And as for a big house, how many rooms can you actually be in at one time?

We also have stories in Texas of dummies buying a huge house with the lottery money, quitting their jobs, and then failing to plan for the property tax and utility bill, in which case … uh oh.








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