RE: Looking for my post retirement occupation

Effectively that’s what it means. Look it up in your local community college catalog and it requires something like 800 hours work experience a semester (4 years, 8 semesters) to get the license. I’m not really afraid of the box myself and I’m decently handy in my own house. I’d love to expand into commercial work, particularly PLCs which are very similar to the engine controllers I’ve been involved with my entire adult life, but my company keeps hiring H1B electrical engineers from Islamabad University for some reason (they work cheap is probably a big part of it). I guess theoretically I could teach myself and just take my shot with a test, but I still think there’s a time employed requirement.

Which all means, just like trying to turn my experience and education into a teaching career, that I’d have to shoot myself in the head for several years in order to just help someone else out.

Chalk it all up to modern policy that protects us all from ourselves.

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