RE: Look What All Y’all Started

Well, the current economic chaos rippling through all manner of manufacturing and durable goods has made getting gas stoves any time in the next 9-10 months kind of iffy, but my resourceful wife tracked a floor model still under full warranty down in Charlottesville. So a couple weeks ago we drove down, loaded it in the truck, and brought her home. Yesterday we had a local crew out and installed it in the living room. It’s a Norwegian Jotul that’s drop dead gorgeous.

Next up is having the propane company out to bury the tank and plumb it into the house and hook it up to the fireplace. We lucked out on the tank too because of the absolutely screwy supply issues running amok these days (I won’t even mention my work where steel prices have caused quotes to have a useful life of about 15 minutes), the technician quoted us $850 from the sheet he had in his truck that he’d gotten 2 days before that turned to $1400 by the time he got back to the office that day. The lucky part was my wife pitched a fit and they honored the original price.

So sometime in the next week or two, the living room will be elegantly gassed and able to survive any massive electrical failure. The next step is to work on the basment reno at the other end of the house and at some point find another, probably not as fancy, stove for the basement.

Woo hoo!

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