RE: Is There a Doctor In the House?

There is literally *nothing* in your posts, above, that I disagree with. This is exactly how things are.

I don’t even think I can flesh it out, so I’ll just throw some random anecdotes out. #shitpostmafia

One, I have it on good authority that WSU—where I don’t work—just added an emergency grade related to COVID: students can take their choice of the assigned grade, or just take a no-credit, no point alt grade instead. This was in response to 38 percent of grades last semester being Fs, which was largely a result of students never logging in to their online chem lab, or whatever.

Students HATE online classes.

We had, HAD, past tense, a president at the state place where I actually do work who was pushing a plan last year to go 100percent online, but still requiring dorm living for the lower class students. With a straight face, it was claimed that “students like online, and will still want to live on campus to take advantage of the social aspects of campus life.”

Of course, all of us with any real contact hours in the classroom looked at this president as if they had all the dicks at once growing out of their forehead, Medusa-style, only worse.

It didn’t work out well.

Here’s one for y’all: probably the top factory in the USA for turning out music ed DMA degrees is Florida state. So, the guy who oversaw the program (up to and including music school dean) got a term as the president of NASM—the accreditation agency for music schools at the university level—in roughly 2010 or so. To the surprise of nobody, out comes this mandate that a new requirement for NASM accreditation is [i]having a Doctorate in Music Ed[/i] on the faculty.  This, among other things, led to the blackmailing of the department that I do work for over the accreditation, which led to one of the bigger scandals at the school, with lawsuits, title ix investigations, lots of firings, sexual predation and a wholesale collapse of enrollment numbers in the department to half of what it had been just three years before the forced hire, but I digress.

Point being, “circle jerk” doesn’t even begin to cover the open malfeasance. JMO.

Pro tip: if a president of NASM or NAfME or BITEME or whatever states in publicity materials/interviews how much they enjoy teaching “modern band” (rock/pop) and “guitar class” and a cursory review of their resume shows undergrad and grad degrees in winds or brass, an Ed or Theory doctorate, and mostly admin work at the level of dean, they’re bullshitting for an audience. Complete propaganda; the actual guitar jocks are not becoming deans and NASM presidents. It’s all unmitigated horseshit.

Lastly, one of the finest young players I know—who will remain nameless, but who has youtube views in the millions, and a dad who was a regular over at the old, departed original AG mag forum—once told me, and I’m paraphrasing, but only minutely: I hated getting a masters. I hated the classes, I hated the teachers, and I hated the whole thing. There were no redeeming features to any of it.” When I asked “why” the response was “it was free, and I loved my lessons.” But I hated the rest, and I’m very glad to be done.

Total racket.  

I guess the only other thing that I’ll add is that I don’t have an advanced degree. This may well make me biased and color my view; I freely admit this. I will also note, however, that when it is time to record a teaching demo video for recruitment, or play the big, blockbuster gala concert for the opening of a +/- 40million dollar new hall on campus, or find someone to play a dinner for the top 100 donors to more than one university, I always seem to get the call before the freshly minted masters and DMAs. Imagine that. And it’s not because I am any Yo-Yo Ma; it’s because there aren’t any significantly better options. The handful of people who can actually produce are typically right there with me, again.


Like I say, shitposting, but there it is.

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