RE: Is There a Doctor In the House?

I have put up videos of a former student of mine over on SH. K and I sent her to Berklee on scholarship. They will take anyone’s money, for sure, but the folks that they want will get some help. And a lot of *those* folks can *really* perform under pressure. Like any program, there is a group at the end of the bell curve who are musical superstars, a bunch of people in the middle who are getting through, and people on the other end who are loafing around because somebody can afford it, and Berklee is cool. 

Oddly, the UW in Seattle is an exception, because they had so many people applying to the place (45k students when I went, to a high of 80+k over the last decade) that they just raised the admission standards to 3.85 minimum, so only the folks with really good GPAs can get in to study guitar, violin, cello, voice, flute, etc.  So the numbers are way down, but everyone in the department over there knows how to practice a minimum amount every day.  So there’s no real slackers in that program. But otherwise, it’s a typical curve, IME.


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