RE: In the good and hard category: Portland police resignations/laterals

employing highly trained personnel at market prices for the corporations and collectives of people (eg. gated communities) that can afford the considerable tab.From Sidhedude

This is my good friend Dan Clark. Formerly of the Omaha Police Department, he had a chance encounter with one of Warren Buffett’s (adult) children long ago and ended up as Buffett’s personal bodyguard. He makes big bux from that gig. If you see a photo of Buffett in a public place, odds are you’ll see Dan Clark standing behind him.

Dan is a certified BAMF. A martial arts expert, of course, but his flavor is something of a “martial arts plus meanness“. He’s not about scoring points. He’s about disabling you. Quickly and efficiently. Many times he’d say something like “Now we really have to be careful training on this move, since we’re only a few degrees of rotation away from permanent injury”.

I trained with him for a number of years. Our classes generally started with 20 or 30 minutes of open sparring, and getting paired up with Dan was terrifying. He knew that exact moment when he would catch you feeling good about yourself. He punished you for having that thought.

The greatest compliment I ever got came, second hand anyway, from him. After I had to stop training (hip went to shit and really needs to be replaced, but I’m putting it off), a mutual friend told me Dan told him “Too bad Jeff had to quit. He was a tough guy”.

Yeah, I’m bragging.



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