RE: How and when did your political orientation develop?

“Initiation of force is always immoral.”

Maybe that deserves a separate thread, but I was thinking of the Dems who raised their hands at the debates to indicate that they support universal health care for all, including illegal aliens.  Then I was thinking whether that Christian sentiment should be extended to entry at the border of everyone with a health issue?  Why not?  What’s the difference between a mildly ill person in Kansas and a seriously ill person standing on an arbitrary line in the desert between Sonora and Arizona?   If they have the right to the health care once they set foot on the U.S. side, I don’t see why they don’t have the right to step over that line at the border, especially if they are sick.

To be clear, I think that a “humanitarian” border policy resulting in uncontrolled entry of every single sick person who demands entry is suicidal insanity, but it’s “cruel” to say so, even if it means 10 million sick people pouring in and demanding health care in exchange for nothing. 






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