RE: How and when did your political orientation develop?

I guess like Sidhe I’d be socially liberal too. Not real bothered at all about what you want to do in your free time as long as I’m not forced to watch, participate, or pay for it.

In that regard I don’t support marriage equality. Not because it’s creepy or anything, but because marriage as a moral obligation has never been the point of the “marriage equality” movement. Marriage, if done right (yes, I am a committed but nominally participating Catholic) is a special level of commitment. Not the “yes, we’ll have a deal and shake on it level, but rather the enlist in the military level that says when the shooting starts, you’re immediately running towards the guns level of commitment. You only absolutely need that level of commitment in a good old fashioned potentially child producing union of a man and a woman.

The real argument for marriage equality is about government benefits- tax breaks, etc.- and not commitment. To which I say hell, I’ll give up this gravy train in a heart beat and we can just get rid of those government rules. All of them. And I’ll leave marriage between me and my spouse. Commitment doesn’t require a license.

Do they still want to be married if the bene’s are gone?

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