RE: How and when did your political orientation develop?

I still don’t consider myself all that conservative, I’m just not a leftist.  Like a good number of my closer friends, I’m that classic “socially liberal, fiscally conservative” person. How I came to be identified as “conservative” is largely the fact that the liberal influencers moved so far to the left, while I was minding my own business and voting for marriage equality and legalizing mary jane at the state level, that I found myself standing out in the middle, in the dirt field of a political no man’s land, with a few of my LE and veteran friends and an entrepreneur or two.  

I am a college-town guy who played 80’s rock guitar, and then windham hill/new age and classical, after all. 

But I was also raised on hard work, and outdoor activities like scouting and hunting, and even as a dope-smoking rocker in HS, still had to be functional enough to get good grades and make the Goju Karate workouts 3x weekly. Work hard, play hard, mind your own business, lend a helping hand when you can. 

What changed (aside from one or two very good points made by Jeff in the earlier iterations of TTT/Soundhole) was many of the people supporting the causes of the educated elite—that is to say, most of my friends that weren’t narc cops or SEALs—starting to embrace an ethic of “play sort of hard, let other people work, get up in everyone else’s business.” Since I cannot abide with that, I now find myself “conservative,” and what I’m conserving is the same sort of shit that many voices now call racist: personal responsibility, hard work, carrying your own weight by making a contribution to society, a rural lifestyle, showing up on time, etc.

I’m not sure that’s an answer to a perfectly reasonable question, but there it is. I didn’t become conservative; the infinite universe moved to the left around me. JMO.


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