RE: Hitchens on Free Speech

His writing is powerful, and the issue of radical Islam versus free speech important, but he either seemed to be angry and indignant 24/7, which makes one uninteresting, or he pretended to be, which makes one phony. I suspect the latter. He made friendships with religious people, who, if susceptible to swallowing what he claimed was nonsense, could not have been deserving of respect. There was something irreconcilable about that.

Also, he seemed unable to concede anything positive about any part of any religion. Not even the Renaissance art it inspired. Maybe he did and just didn’t say so.

Next. I thought Hitchens might have recognized that if one could be as wrong about Marxism as he admitted (after 9/11) that he had been, one might be wrong about other things philosophical. But I don’t think I ever heard him ask an honest question.

I could go on, but will just say that I did enjoy parts of Hitch 22. He could be hilarious and probably fun at a party.

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