RE: History Predicts “Buckle Up”

In the aftermath I quickly discovered that once you outlive your usefulness, generally nobody remembers your name. Some folks at Volvo were quite helpful in giving me some contract work, but that never evolved into going back. Those spots had been understandably backfilled and that’s that.

We improvised and went bankrupt and fought the good fight. In March I’ll be married 34 years. And I can’t help but believe that in many ways struggling as a family has made us all stronger.

In the process, my wife had to leave a job she loved. With a bit better than 3 years tenure under her belt. That damn near killed me. Eventually she was rehired with another branch of government and now has 10 years total under her belt.

I’ve been in the same job for 5 years now. We’ve got a house again overlooking the Massanutten. Life is good after all.

In December of 2016 I saw Trump nominate Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. Can’t remember exactly what it was but my head exploded as I realized, “Damn, he knows where the bodies are buried!” Been a staunch Trump supporter ever since. Still. Even after last Wednesday. Period. Full stop.

One of the first things he did was take advantage of some obscure rule that allowed him to cancel CO2 regulations that Obama had rushed through at the last minute. Boom!

Then he took advantage of the original time limits for regulating CO2 to redo those in 2018. When finalized, his EPA was immediately sued. Not because he alleged that CO2 was not a pollutant, but rather that the rules weren’t draconian enough for the activists. That effectively leaves a stinky fish lurking in the air vents at the White House and EPA inviting the Supremes to reverse themselves some time soon. Of course, I’ll be watching.

I haven’t seen John around here yet, but I’m hoping he’s okay. What the ‘Rona did to him enrages me, given what government did to me.

Other than that I’ve come to believe that the defining characteristic of humanity that matters is courage.

Cue the Teddy Roosevelt quote.

That’s all.

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