RE: Hey Sidhe, Know This Guy?

That is a good essay. I would be very surprised if I knew him, but I probably know a few people who know him. Without “Max’s” real name, no way of discerning, but there just aren’t that many people who came from what was probably force recon at the time into ground branch at the agency to do that sort of work.

The author’s arguments are cogent; he’s clearly versed in this philosophy:

And he’s not alone; he obviously has multi-national friends with similar backgrounds and earned viewpoints, as evinced by this rather ominous French letter, detailed here:

Yet again in history, there are parallel lines and lessons to be had in French and U.S. situations. Bluntly, the current Elite needs to watch France more closely than the people at home that they disdain, for now.

In other news, did y’all see this, speaking of balkanization, and drawing rural/urban lines?

2020 Census results are in.

Bad news for Illinois, California, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia they each lose a seat in the house.

Gaining: Texas (+2), Colorado (+1), Florida (+1), Montana (+1), North Carolina (+1), Oregon (+1).

Of those I would for sure say that the Oregon and Colorado seats will be Dem.

But there is a chance that Republicans could pick up five seats in the future.

AND New York also lost an Electoral College vote. Cue the demands for a recount; it’s all fun and games until the other side gets a turn……ote/index.html


Sorry about WV, but otherwise, the results seem to indicate a trend. What the elites will do about it remains to be seen.


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