RE: Forum Tech Impacts

This forum exists, in part, because I think the dominant tech oligarchies are on the other side of the curve. The Big Lie from Twitter etal is that individuals can look at their pages and see a representative snapshot of public opinion. We now know all we are seeing is what their algorithm wants us to see.

A topic is trending? Says who?

Some post gets 10,000 likes? Says who?

Etc, etc.

At least with traditional media, the bias is obvious, and obviously the product of the publishers.

With social media, the publishers are able to fraudulently represent their bias as if it is public opinion.

So I’m out.

The tech for this forum was trivial to set up. I had the url from years ago, sitting idle. I created a new account on the virtual server I already had, installed WordPress, installed the forum theme, and that’s it. The whole thing took maybe an hour and cost me $50.

It’s designed to be a “throwback” to the days before the big tech companies aggregated everything. Back to the days of independent sites and webrings and Geocities and all that.

The only chink in my armor is that all this is hosted on AWS. I suppose that creates a level of vulnerability.

(Has anyone noticed that the people clamoring for “Net Neutrality” are the same people endorsing YouTube’s decision to censor election commentary?)

But in general, I agree that the cost to business of tech has become negligible. Whether you’re setting up a tech company from scratch, or just deploying tech to operate your business, it’s silly cheap.

The big platforms advantage is purely a QWERTY effect. They are on top largely because they “won” 10+ years ago.

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