RE: Fascinating Local Excercise in Wokeness

Done! Here’s my submission:

We can observe tremendous evolution from “Fairfax the 6th” to Fairfax the 9th”. Just imagine what “Fairfax the 14th” will bring us!

Or perhaps we can contemplate the abject mediocrity of anyone who’s academic career culminates in their being in a leadership position at Lord Fairfax Community College. That contemplation might then lead us to the realization that such medriocrities ought embrace the humility that their station implies. That humility might lead them to spend less time pursuing meaningless, symbolic genuflections toward their academic betters, and more time pursuing basic educational competence.

Which is to say, who are you trying to impress, other than yourselves? Do you think the student’s in “AUT 266 – Auto Alignment, Suspension and Steering” care about this? Your best chance at redemption is to demonstrate that you are something other than just another “self-licking ice cream cone” inside an academic culture gone mad.

Have an original thought! Have an original agenda! I promise you can do it if you put your minds to it.From John Smith

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