RE: Fascinating Local Excercise in Wokeness

I love this sentence more than life itself:

“Their decision was predicated on a cost-analysis and brand study that showed the name, which reflects a title in current use, was particularly weak as a brand.”

Can I get some Thousand Island to go with that word salad?

The idea that the name of some local community college makes any difference at all is nonsense. People go to community colleges for all kinds of reasons, but the biggies are a) It’s local and b) it’s affordable and c) it offers flexibility such that you can attend without majorly disrupting your life.

No one cares about the name. Except, of course, for this pack of lemmings. They jumped into this because it seemed like the thing that those in the academic/cultural milieu they resent not being a part of would have done.

They are play acting a role. They don’t know why. It just seems like the thing to do.

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