RE: Do y’all remember the award-winning news documentary “Seattle is dying?”

Hmmm….. Reminds me vividly of growing up in the Detroit area (and visiting some of the other outstate area ghost towns like Flint). The entire place is fundamentally burned out buildings and carnage with small pockets of beautiful old former auto giants castles that are enclosed in gates with private security. These grand mansions were impossibly cheap if you had the stones and the personal circumstances to live that way. We actually occasionally entertained living there, but there’s no way we could with 2 small kids. As it turned out, our first house was in a border zone real close to Dearborn. But that was when it was an enclave of city cops and fire fighters who were at that time were required to live within the boundaries of the city so it was a great little neighborhood, despite the occasional funeral atmosphere as one of the finest was gunned down (including our next door neighbor but that was a year or two after we left).

Of course, roving gangs or homeless encampments weren’t all that common since there were enough abandoned structures for them to squat in.

Was back there a couple years ago and drove through that neighborhood again. The Detroit population fell under 1 million a couple decades ago and with that went the legal authority to require city employees to live in the city and damn, absolute shit now.

I sincerely hope these cities can find the stones to turn around. Detroit exists as a testament to the tragedy they’re becoming.

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